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Four Ways To Learn About Cannabis Investing

When I got serious about transitioning to investing in cannabis, I needed ways to gain context and continue my education.
Four Ways To Learn About Cannabis Investing
Photo by Carlos Muza / Unsplash

My first memory of investing is back in sixth grade. We had a stock picking contest at my elementary school and I sat down with my dad, poured through names in the paper and selected Cray Research, McDonalds and IBM. I won the contest and ever since have found the field fascinating.

I went on to study economics in college and spent twenty years working in different facets on the investment management business—mutual funds, separate accounts and eventually managing portfolios of hedge funds. In 2017, I started a retail cannabis business and two years later it dawned on me to marry my passions for cannabis and investing.

When I got serious about transitioning to investing in cannabis, I needed ways to gain context and continue my education. Cannabis investing is such a new arena that they were not reams of resources at the time. This has improved, but it still is an under-covered sector and this is in part what presents the opportunity.

Here are four resources I use to continue learning about investing in cannabis:

  1. The Cannabis Investing Podcast is a weekly show where the host interviews top players in the cannabis field. As the description states, “Interviews with C-level executives, scientists, law and sector experts give you investment ideas to consider, help you think through your investing approach and give you a new lens with which to understand this ever-growing sector.” New episodes drop on Wednesday and I always listen on the way to take my kids to dinner that night. I also often pour through the back catalogue when looking to do a deeper dive on prospective investments.  
  2. The Cannabis Investing Network is an educational show where two private investors share their opinions about cannabis investing and drill down into specific companies. They also interview top CEOs—the recent episode with the George Archos, CEO of Verano Holding is excellent. For stock-specific talk, this is a great listen.
  3. New Cannabis Ventures website is one of the most comprehensive resources in the industry. I read the news every morning for the latest press releases. The indices section is a great resource for following different markets and there is a premium portion for folks looking to get deep into real-time news and analysis. They also do a weekly news recap on their YouTube channel and I have a notification for when it drops.

4. Reddit has a sub dedicated to cannabis investing called r/weedstocks. It's a helpful resource for news and events, plus there is a Daily Discussion Thread for people looking to chat and commiserate during the trading session. Along with the continuing education angle, it’s also a great gauge of sentiment and the gang is plenty discouraged right now—which is likely a good thing!

These are four of my favorites and by no means an exhaustive list of ways to learn about the space. Twitter is another solid option and I started a Green Giants account yesterday and intend to be more active on this platform. The content looks promising, but it's too early to make a confident recommendation.

Did I miss anything? Do you have a favorite way of following the space? If so, please drop me an email. I'm always looking for new ways of increasing my cannabis investing knowledge.