About the Author

I’m Jesse Redmond, a lifelong investor based in California. I have 25 years of professional experience spanning investing and cannabis. I began my my investment journey at Franklin Templeton, was an early employee at Fisher Investments and spent the majority of my career managing hedge-fund portfolios.

I changed course five-years ago when my dad’s chronic-pain problems became unmanageable. He began seeing a cannabis doctor, I saw his condition improve, and whole life enhanced. Witnessing the changes inspired me to dedicate the second half of my career to cannabis and helping others.

My first move was starting a retail cannabis dispensary. During this period, I had sole responsibility for buying decisions, designing a menu, and building partnerships with farms and manufacturers. In 2020, I started Higher Calling, LLC to help high-net-worth individuals and family offices access appropriate cannabis investments.

Friends often ask, “what’s your best cannabis investing idea?” Successful cannabis investing does not require illiquid private equity, speculative venture capital, or overly-complicated funds. Instead, one can simply invest in a liquid portfolio of dominant, publicly-traded cannabis stocks. After sharing this idea several times, I created this website to distribute the advice in a scaleable manner.

Green Giants is my best idea for buidling wealth in the cannabis industry. I hope you find it helpful and I look forward to working together.