Photo by Leuchtturm Entertainment / Unsplash

Occasionally people invite me on their podcasts or feature me in interviews. Below is a list of recent appearances:

The Cannabis Investing Podcast: Rena and I discuss what got me into cannabis investing, how I think about building portfolios and my thoughts on the best MSOs and ETFs. We also cover opportunities in California, how it compares to New Jersey, and how Florida is evolving.

Higher Learning Interview: Our interview covers the profound personal experiences that inspired me to leave the hedge-fund industry to found a California collective and ultimately build a cannabis investment consulting business.

The Talking Hedge Podcast: Josh and I have a fun conversation about cannabis data and trends, and in our second episode we dig into 2023 predictions.  

The Cannabis Review: This was a fun 15-minute conversation about investing in cannabis stocks. If you are newer to the space, it's a great starting point.